Wisdom Healing Qigong
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Wisdom Healing Qigong

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Guma Judy's story - Trauma, Disorientation, Recovery after a Stroke
Leah's story - Brain injury, Trauma, Memory Loss, and Head & Neck Issues
Jay's story - Stage 4 Cancer, Tumors, Tinnitus, and Spiritual Longing
Adriane's story -  - Lyme Disease, Fatigue, Emotional Struggle, Severe Scoliosis
Debra's story - Multiple Auto-immune Conditions, Chronic Fatigue,  Pain
Jan's story - Early-onset Parkinson's, Anxiety, Resistance, Manifesting old family stories
Jude's story - Coping with Loss, Injury, Illness, Immobilization,
Michelle's story - Migraine Headaches,  Low Back Arthritis, Frozen Shoulder
Jack's story - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Emotional Desperation and Despair
Paula's story - Knee Osteoarthritis, Lymphoma, Tumor, Incontinence
Patrick's story - Emotional Trauma, Anxiety, Addictions, Enlarged Prostate
John's story - Clinical Depression, Anxiety, Hip Arthritis, Spiritual Disunity
Christine's story - Parkinson's disease, Walking Challenges, Weakened Voice
Susan's story - Side effects after Surgery & Chemotherapy, Cancer, Neuropathy
Ronit's story - Rheumatoid Arthritis, Drug Allergies, Hopelessness,  Fear
Vivi's story - Autoimmune Conditions, Digestive Issues, Emotional Shut-Down
Bianca's story - Parkinson's Disease, Tremors, Pain, Poor Focus and Balance
Tom's story - Pain, Anxiety, Infections, Lymphoma, Narcotic Dependency
Mary Ellen's story - Waning Vitality, Grief, Reduced Flexibility, Fused Vertebrae
Adriane's story - Lyme Disease, Fatigue, Emotional Struggle, Severe Scoliosis
What has previously been deemed impossible is now becoming possible.
From before we are born, we are surrounded and imbued with the stories of our families, our cultures, our world. Consciously and more often unconsciously, we base our thoughts, actions, beliefs and behaviors on the stories that inform our lives.

In Wisdom Healing Qigong, we are individually and collectively revising and expanding the story of healing on this planet. By learning to access and utilize chi (subtle energy) through movement, sound, and visualization techniques, we are learning to rewrite our life scripts, altering diagnoses and prognoses and empowering ourselves with deep healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 
What Graduates of Master Mingtong Gu’s Programs Are Saying....
This was just the combination of a spiritual and healing practice course I have always been looking for and Master Gu’s wisdom, sincerity and the happiness he radiate make him an exceptional teacher and soul.
~ Sue, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

As Mingtong says Just Do It! Everyday brings new mental or emotional and physical freedom that transforms old stuck patterns into a liberating happy life. Physically I would say there has been 95% improvement in chronic conditions that I have lived with for many years and emotionally I am feeling more at ease with life and it’s journey. I also realize this is just the first step in a life long commitment and I eagerly look forward to following this gentle and life transforming age old wisdom.

~ Manuel, Sydney, Australia


The Chi Center has one of the best online learning environments that I've experienced. It was very easy for me to access the course with any device — laptop, tv, iPad, or iPhone. I had Mingtong with me anywhere I went. I love the practice — the movements and the visualizations in mind. I also recognize that this is a life-long practice. 25 minutes a day is little to ask for health and healing.

~ Elizabeth Maldanado, Cary NC
Healing is Happening around the World
 In China, millions of Qigong practitioners have benefited from this system. This includes over 200,000 who were treated at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training and Recovery Center, the largest medicine-less hospital in China, over its two-decade tenure in the 1980s and 90s and where a 95% improvement rate has been documented.

And the healing continues far beyond the East. Over the last five years, we have seen hundreds of the healing stories of those who have created the same healing "miracles" for themselves in the West from our US-based healing intensive retreats and continued supported home practice. It is truly amazing to witness the metamorphoses of those who are transforming their challenges, physical and otherwise, and in the process, growing in joy and re-visioning and reshaping their lives.
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